Financial Transparency in Comal County

Comal County is dedicated to serving its citizens by excelling in all areas of service, financial responsibility, and transparency of actions. This webpage is designed to provide the public with complete financial disclosure concerning the Budget, the Annual Financial Report, the Check Register, and outstanding Debt.  Excel copies of the budgets and check registries have been included in the financial information to provide a searchable medium for your convenience.

It is our belief that an educated, informed public is better served by its government when the people understand the framework and operation of their local government. Honesty, transparency, and accountability are fostered in a society where a transparent government serves well educated citizens.  -  Traditional Finances Summary Sheet
This website is a one-stop source to collect all available information on local government finances in our state, including the existing and proposed debt of cities, counties, school and hospital districts and hundreds of special-purpose districts throughout Texas.

Notice of 2017 Tax Year Proposed Property Tax Rate

*2018 Adopted Budget

*Adopted Budgets -- 2017-2006

*Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports -- 2016-2006

*Check Registry -- 2017-1012

Truth in Taxation 2012-2016

*This information is provided by the Comal County Auditor's Office. 830-221-1200

County Expenditures / Revenues Information


Expenditures / Debt:

Total Expenditures 2016: $ 93,255,678

Expenditures per capita 2016: $ 722.64

Total Debt as of 12/31/2016:  $ 58,540,000

Population estimate- 06/01/2015: 129,048


Revenues / Reserves:

Total Revenues 2016: $98,138,772

Total Property Tax Revenue 2016: $43,946,043

Total Property Tax per capita 2016: $ 340.54

Total Sales Tax Revenue 2016: $12,162,897

Total Reserves 12/31/2016: $54,725,770



Full Time Staff as of 12/31/2016: 683



*NOTE: 2016 preliminary numbers are unaudited


Monthly Financial Information


County Utilities 2017- 2012 (Electric, Water, Gas)

  • Utility to date for 2017: $ 38,835.32
  • Utility totals for 2016: $ 500,940.65
  • Utility totals for 2015: $ 448,231.72
  • Utility totals for 2014: $ 465,281.93
  • Utility totals for 2013: $ 422,960.22
  • Utility totals for 2012: $ 474,845.70


Weekly Financial Claims ( Certified Weekly)

Monthly Investment Reports (Treasurer's Report)

Truth in Taxation Summary for 2016


2016 Financials