Orders and Resolutions from Commissioners Court


Res. 2017-22 Adopting Various County Office fees for 2018 08-17-17

Res. 2017-21 The Grove Public Improvement District 08-10-17

Order 396 Authorizing the Issuance of Comal County Texas Comination Tax and Revenue Certificates of Obligation Series 2017A 08-03-17

Res. 2017-20 CC Special Assessment Revenue Bonds, Series 2017 7-28-17

Order 395 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property 07-13-17

Res. 2017-19 Intention to Reimburse for Prior Lawful Expenditure 06-29-17

Res. 2017-18 Notice of Intention to Issue Cert of Obligation 06-29-17

Res. 2017-17 NB Housing Partners 06-01-17

Order 392 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property 06-01-17

Res. 2017-16 Tax Sale T-7700A 05-04-17

Order 394 Temp Closure of Portion of Sattler Road on May 13, 2017 04-27-17

Res. 2017-14 Authorizing and Creating The Grove PID 04-13-17

Res. 2017-13 - Indigent Defense Grant Program 04-20-17

Res. 2017-12 Opposition to reSearchTX 03-23-17

Res. 2017-11 Accepting Application Concerning the Creation of PID The Grove 03-16-17

Res. 2017-10 Nominating John Tyler to fill the Vacancy on the CAD Board of Directors 03-09-17

Order 391 Authorizing the Issuance of CC Limited Tax General Obligation Bonds Series 2017 02-16-17

Res. 2017-09 Liv Johnson Ranch, LP Potential Tax Credit 02-23-17

Order 389 Authorizing Issuance of CC Adjustable Rate Combination Tax and Revenue Certif of Obligation - Bulverde Rural Library Dist 01-26-17

Res. 2017-02 Authorizing the Second Amendment to Bulverde Area Rural Library District Interlocal- Cert of Obligations 01-26-17

Order 388 Abate Nuisance with the PROW in Bracken 01-19-17

Order 387 Abate Nuisance at 301 Greenwood Street 01-19-17

Order 386 Abate Junked Vehicle Nuisance at 301 Greenwood Street 01-19-17

Res. 2017-01 Sale of Obligations Designated as CC General Obligation Bonds Series 2017 01-05-17

Res. 2016-35 Tax Sale T-8887A 12-22-16

Res. 2016-34 Tax Sale T-8732C 12-22-16

Res. 2016-33 Adoption of 2017 CC Investment Policy and Strategies 12-22-16

Order 384 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property 11-10-16

Res. 2016-31 Tax Sale T-8502C 11-03-16

Res. 2016-30 Tax Sale T-7601B 11-03-16

Res. 2016-29 Appoint Commissioner Webb to City of NB Economic Development Committee 10-27-16

Res. 2016-28 Jan Kennady Memorial Highway 10-20-16

Res. 2016-27 Authorizing the Purchase of Real Property - 3150 IH 35 S 09-29-16

Res. 2016-26 Appointing Comm. Haag to Represent CC on the City of NB Community Comprehensive Plan Advisory Group 09-29-16

Res. 2016-25 Combination Tax and Limited Pledge Revenue Certificates of Obligation, Series 2016 09-15-16

Order 382 Disposition of Surplus Property 09-29-16

Order 381 Setting the 2016 Tax Rate 09-13-16

Res. 2016-24 Adopting Various County Office Fees for 2017 09-01-16

Res. 2016-23 Community Council of South Central Texas Inc Grant 09-08-16

Res. 2016-22 Comal County Senior Citizens Foundation Grant 09-08-16

Order 380 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property 09-08-16

Res. 2016-21 Tax Sale T-8555D 09-01-16

Res. 2016-20 Tax Sale T-8388A 09-01-16

Res. 2016-19 Declaration of Violation to FEMA regarding 18315 Bracken Drive 08-11-16

Order 379 Burn Ban Effective 08-05-16 at 6am 08-04-16

Order 378 Burn Ban Effective 07-15-16 at 6am 07-14-16

Res. 2016-17 Adjourning the Public Hearing for the Crossing PID 06-30-16

Res. 2016-15 Tax Sale T-8752C 06-30-16

Res. 2016-14 Supporting McMullen County's transfer to Workforce Solutions Alamo 06-02-16

Res. 2016-13 Updates to Canyon Lake Master Plan 05-26-16

Res. 2016-12 Adjourning Public Hearing for the Crossing Improvement District 05-26-16

Res. 2016-11 Reimburse for Prior Lawful Expenditure 05-19-16

Res. 2016-10Financing Agreement, Service and Assessment  05-12-16

Res. 2016-08 Declaration of Violation to FEMA property 18315 Bracken Dr 04-21-16

Res. 2016-09 Creating the Crossing PID to Finance Improvements 04-14-16

Order 375 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property

Res. 2016-07 Accepting Donation of Funds from the Dissolved Rebecca Creek Municipal Utility District

Order 374 Granting Discretionary Exemption Tyler Technologies 03-24-16

Order 373 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property

Resolution 2016-06 Juvenile Probation Grant App for NB Intervention Center 03-03-16

Resolution 2016-02AACOG Regional Solid Waste Grant Program Grant Resolution 1016-02 Application 02-04-16

Resolution 2016-23 Create Water Improvement District No. 3 5-9-13

Resolution 2016-01 Creation of PID in The Crossing 01-14-16

Order 367 Regulation of Outdoor Lighting in Unincorporated Areas 01-07-16

Resolution 2015-39 Continuing County Services in the Spring Branch for up to 90 Days

Order 369 Incorporation for Spring Branch Texas

Resolution 2015-38Canvassing the Returns

Resolution 2015-37 AAMPO Metro Mobility Funding Call for Projects

Order 368Alternative Dispute Resolution System

Resolution 2015-36 Indigent defense grant fund

Order 365 Abandoning a Portion of a Road 10-22-15

Order 364 Abandoning a Portion of a Road 10-22-15

Order 363 Abandoning a Portion of a Road 10-22-15

Resolution 2015-33 Tax Sal T-8215A 10-15-15

Resolution 2015-32 Tax Sale T-8151D 10-15-15

Resolution 2015-31 Tax Sale T-7420A 10-15-15

Resolution 2015-30 Tax Sale T-7082C 10-15-15

Resolution 2015-29 Tax Sale T-6576A 10-15-15

Resolution 2015-28 Tax Sale T-4541A 10-15-15

Order 366 Abate Nuisance at 804 Buckingham Drive

Resolution 2015-35 Nominating Candidates for the CAD Board of Directors - Dennis Ryther

Order 362 Temporary Closure of a Portion of Sattler Road

Resolution 2015-34 A resolution Adopting Various County Office Fees for 2016

Order 361 Setting the 2015 Tax Rate

Resolution 2015-27 Texans Feeding Texans Community Council of South Central Tex 08-20-15

Resolution 2015-26 Texans Feeding Texans Senior Citizens Foundation 08-20-15

Resolution 2015-25 Establishing Veterans Treatment Court 08-13-15

Order 360Bond Election for New Jail

Order 359Order restricting outdoor burning

Order 358Order granting discretionary exemptions

Resolution 2015-24 Tax Sale

Resolution 2015-23 Tax Sale

Resolution 2015-22 Tax Sale

Resolution 2015-21 Tax Sale

Resolution 2015-18 Tax Sale

Resolution 2015-17 Tax Sale

Resolution 2015-16 Tax Sale

Resolution 2015-15 Tax Sale

Resolution 2015-14  Reimbursement of Prior Lawful Expenditure of Funds

Resolution 2015-13 Tax Sale

Resolution 2015-12 Tax Sale

Resolution 2015-11 Tax Sale

Resolution 2015-10 Tax Sale

Order 354 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property

Order 353 Granting Discretionary Exemption for Professional Services

Order 352 Amending the Comal County Fire Code

Resolution 2015-09 Tax Sale

Resolution 2015-08 Tax Sale

Resolution 2015-07 Approving the Submission of Grant Application for Accountability Court

Resolution 2015-06 Juvenile Probations Application for Grant Funds

Resolution 2015-05 City of Bulverde App for Flood Protection Planning Grant

Resolution 1015-4 Approving Submission of Challenge Court Grant 02-12-15

Resolution 2015-3 Supporting Online Voter Registration

Resolution 2015-02 Proposed Terraces at Canyon Lake Senior Housing

Order 351 Abate Nuisance at 398 Glenn Drive

Resolution 2015-1 Authorization For Grant Funds to the Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division

Resolution 2014-33 Employee Handbook 2015

Order 350 Granting Discretionary Exemption Tyler Tech. from Section 262.023 of the Texas Local Government Code for sole source item.

Resolution 2014-32 Adoption of 2015 Comal County Investment Policy & Strategies, Investment Committee and Appointment of an Investment Officer

Resolution 2014-31 Comal County Groundwater Conservation District

Resolution 2014-30 To Add Optional Workers' Compensation Coverage

Resolution 2014-29 Indigent Defense Grant Program

Resolution 2014-23-28 Collection of Delinquent Taxes on Described Property

Order 348  Burn Ban is ON as of October 10, 2014 at 6:00am

Resolution 2014-22 Approving the Acceptance of Grant #2005807 from the Office of the Governor

Order 347 CC Public Right of Way Order for private construction within public ROW

Resolution 2014-21 Resolution Relating to Establishing the County's Intention to Reimburse Itself...

Resolution 2014-20 Authorizing County Grant

Resolution 2014-19 Authorizing County Grant

Order 346 Setting the 2014 Tax Rate

Resolution 2014-18 Adopting Various County Office Fees for 2015.

Resolution 2014-17 Authorizing the Purchase of real Property

Resolution 2014-14  Adopting Guidelines and Criteria for Tax Abatements and Rebates and appointing Members to Comal County Tax Compliance Committee.

Order 343 Order Granting Discretionary Exemption from Section 262.023 of the Texas Local Government Code to Preserve and Protect Public Health

Order 342  Granting Cancellation of Forrest Wilson Subdivision

Order 341 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property

Resolution 2014-16 Comal County vs. Friends of Abused Children inc.

Resolution 2014-15 Supporting Efforts for the Preservation of the Bracken Bat Cave and Surrounding Area

Order 340 Granting Discretionary Exemption from Section 262.023 of the Texas Local Government Code for Sole Source Item

Order 339 Restricting Outdoor Burning (May 2, 2014)

Recognition of the A.R. Ludwig Family for donation of Historic Treasurer's Desk and Historic Eight Drawer Cabinet

Resolution 2014-12 Comal County vs. James S. Gleinser

Resolution 2014-11 Comal County vs. John C. Emswiler

Resolution 2014-10  Urging The Texas Legislature to Amend Chapter 222 and 256 of the Texas Transportation Code

Order 338 Abolishing the Office of County Elections Administrator

Order 337 Create County Energy Transportation Reinvestment Zone

Order 2014-09  Nominating Comal County Commissioner Scott Haag to serve as voting member of the South Texas Regional Water Planning Group (Region L)

Resolution 2014-04 Comal County vs. Maximo Aleman

Resolution 2014-03 A Resolution Approving the Submission of Grant #20058707 for the Funding of the Comal County Challenge Court.

Resolution 2014-02  A Resolution in Support of a Potential Housing Tax Credit Program Proposal with Palladium USA International, INC.

Order 336 Setting Policy for Smoke-Free County Facilities

Resolution 2014-01 A resolution supporting the city of Bulverde's application for flood protection planning grant assistance

Resolution 2013-58 Adoption of 2014 CC Investment Policy

Resolution 2013-50 AACOG Filing of Regional Solid Waste Grant Application

Resolution 2013-57 Collection of Delinquent Taxes

Resolution 2013-56 Collection of Delinquent Taxes

Resolution 2013-55 Collection of Delinquent Taxes

Resolution 2013-54 Collection of Delinquent Taxes

Resolution 2013-53 Collection of Delinquent Taxes

Resolution 2013-52 Collection of Delinquent Taxes

Resolution  2013-49 County Facilities Electricity Consumption 11-21-13

Resolution  2013-48 Endorse TxDOT for SA-Bexar MPO Trans Improvement Plan Comal 11-21-13

Resolution 2013-46 Add Optional Workers Comp Coverage 11-14-13

Resolution 2013-47 Indigent Defense Grant Program 11-14-13

Order 334 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property 11-14-13

Order 333 Consenting to Annexation of property by CC Water Control and Improvement District 6

Resolution 2013-45 Support of Grant App tp TX Just. Dept.

Resolution 2013-44 T-7996C Cypress Lake Gardens

Resolution 2013-43 T-7886A Rancho De Lago

Resolution 2013-42 T-7536D Lake of the Hills

Resolution 2013-41 T-6437B Cypress Cove

Order 332 Restricting Outdoor Burning

Order 331 Setting the 2013 Tax Rate

Resolution 2013-38 Fees of Offices for 2014

Resolution 2013-37 Cause T-4522C

Resolution 2013-36 Senior Citizens Foundation Meals on Wheels

Resolution 2013-35 Community Council of 6th TX, Inc. Meals on Wheels

Order 329 Order Restricting Outdoor Burning

Order 328 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property

Resolution 2013-28thru34 Sale Properties for less delinquent taxes

Resolution 2013-24 A resolution of Comal County Commissioners Court conditionally approving the inclusion of Comal County into the San Antonio/Bexar County Metropolitan Planning Organization

Resolutions 2013-19 through 2013-22 Authorizing the sale of certain properties for less than amount of delinquent taxes owed

Resolution 2013-18 Declare Violation to FEMA-30215 Twin Ridge Drive, Boyar 5-2-13

Resolution 2013-17 Declare Violation to FEMA-1741 Herbelin Road, Houser Winery 5-2-13

Order 326 Restricting Outdoor Burning

Order 325 Creating the Position of County Elections Administrator

Resolution 2013-16 Nominating the Comal County Representative to the New Braunfels Downtown Board

Resolution 2013-15 Nominating a Candidate to Fill the Vacancy on the Comal Appraisal District Board of Directors

Resolution 2013-14 Accepting Indigent Defense Discretionary Grant

Order 324 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property

Order 319 Restricting Outdoor Burning

Order 318 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property

Order 317 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property

Resolution 2013-06 Strongly Opposing the Passage of HB 958 TCDRS Interest Credit Reduction

Resolution 2013-05 Supporting Legislation Regarding the Ban of Billboards on Specified Roads Comal Co

Resolution 2013-04 Request US Army Corps for Road Easement for Causeway Road and Portions of Potters

Resolution 2012-75  A Resolution of the Comal County Commissioners Court Supporting Enabling Legislation for the Establishment of a Comal County Groundwater  Conservation District Covering the Entire County for the Trinity Aquifer

Order 313 County Wide Burn Ban is in effect as of 12-7-2012 at 6:00am

Order 311 Granting Cancellation of LD3 Ranch

Order 310 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property

Order 309 Designating the Location of Foreclosure Sales

Resolution 2012-61Office Fees for 2013

Order 306Tax Rate for 2012 to Fund 2013 Budget

Order 302 Restricting outdoor burning August 3, 2012

Order 301 Readopting Authorizing Order 300 7-26-12

Order 300 Issuance of Combination Limited Tax and Revenue Bonds Series 2-12 7-23-12

Resolution 2012-50 Resolution Regulating Private Driveways Connecting to Parking Lots and Roads in County Parks Within Comal County, Texas

Order 298 Adopting Texas Local Government Code 212.016 (a)(9)(b) As An Additional Procedure For Plat Revision

Order 292 Establishment of Plans and Specifications for a Standard Cattle Guard to be used on County Roads within Comal County, Texas.

Order 291 Setting the 2012 Terms for the Comal County Statutory Courts at Law

Order 290 Disposition of Salvage or Surplus Property

Order 288 Adopting a Fund Balance Policy in Accordance with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement 54

Order 287 Comal County Fire Code

Order 281 Temporary Closure of a Portion of Sattler Road for October 29, 2011

Order 280 Order Restricting Outdoor Burning

Order 279 Regarding Restricted use of Combustible Materials

Order 278 Restricting Outdoor Burning

Resolution 2011-40 2012 Fees of Comal County Offices

Resolution# 2011-30 Resolution Supporting County Judge Sherman Krause's Declaration of Local disaster for for Comal County, Texas and Request for Extension by the Honorable Rick Perry

Order 273 Order Continuing County Judge Sherman Krause's Declaration of Local Disaster for Comal County, Texas and Extending Executive Order #271

Declaration of Local Disaster for Comal County

Executive Order 270 Prohibiting All Fireworks in Comal County

Executive Order 271 Regarding Use of Combustible Materials

Order 269 Order Prohibiting Certain Fireworks in Unincorporated Areas of Comal County, Texas

Order 268 Order Continuing the Restriction of Outdoor Burning

Resolution 2011-16 Supporting the Texas Historical Commission

Resolution 2011-14 FM 306 Improvement - Funding to NB 3-24-11

Resolution 2011-13 Approve Grant 2519001 Accountability Court 3-24-11.pdf

Resolution 2011-07 Approving Grant 2005804 Challenge Court 3-24-11

Resolution 2011-06 Supporting Senate Bill No 1110 Regulate Multi-Unit rental

Resolution 2011-05 Regarding the Groundwater Conservation District Creation Recommendation for the Hill Country Priority Groundwater Management Area

Order 267 Burn Ban is in Affect as of 02-25-2011 at 6:00am

Resolution 2011-03 A Resolution of the Commissioners Court of the County of Comal Requesting that State Highway 46 from IH 35 in New Braunfels to the Comal/Guadalupe County Line be Designated as the Representative Edmund Kuempel Memorial Highway.

Resolution 2011-02 In Support of HJR 56 by Solomons

Resolution 2011-01 Nominating Comal County Judge Sherman Krause to Serve on the Policy Committee for the Conference of Urban Counties Board of Directors

Comal County